Europe Hunting’s activities suspended!

Sorry, for having to inform old and new clients, that I will stop offering hunts and shoots.

My other activities simply do not give me time enough, for serving my clients in a professional and proper way.

I rather suspend my activity now instead of damaging my name and reputation.

I will, of cause finish ongoing bookings in the normal way.

I use the word suspend, because in case I get more time in the future, I might reactivate Europe Hunting.

Thanks to all of you, who trusted Europe Hunting over the years, and I wish you all a merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy hunting.

PS. In case anyone needs help finding a good provider, or want to come to Spain hunting, feel free contacting me, and I will try helping you.

I will, of course still be hunting, because as most of you know, hunting is a life style.