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European Roe Buck European Roe Buck Doves & Ducks in Argentina Doves & Ducks in Argentina
Red Legged Partridge Red Legged Partridge White-fronted Geese White-fronted Geese
Spanish Ibex Spanish Ibex European Wild Boar European Wild Boar
Woodcock Woodcock European Quail European Quail
Romanian Wolf Romanian Wolf European Brown Bear from Romania European Brown Bear from Romania
Carpathian Chamois Carpathian Chamois European Elk/Moose European Elk/Moose

Europe Hunting was started in 2009 by two very dedicated hunters, Iens Illum Berg & Eddy Zajontz, both with many years experience of different types of hunting.

Unfortunately, Iens Illum Berg passed away in December 2012, 77 years old. A great hunter has left us.
I will do my best progressing with Europe Hunting in his spirit, honesty and realistic prices for hunts, arranged by hunters for hunters.

That is why we know that the hunts we offer are of TOP QUALITY.

Like in:

Croatia for Woodcock.

Macedonia for Balkan Chamois and Woodcock.

Romania for Bear, Wolf, Lynx, Carpathian Chamois, Roebuck, Wild Boar and Red Deer.

Spain for Spanish Ibex, Barbary Sheep, Spanish Red Deer, Wild Boar and Red Legged Partridge.

Serbia for Roe Deer and Ducks, Geese, European Quail and Doves.

Sweden for Elk (European Moose), Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wisent (European Bison), Mouflon and Capercaillie, Blackcock, Willow Grouse,

South America for Doves, Pigeons, Ducks and Geese.

Furthermore, because we are a small organisation, what we offer you is at very competitive prices.

In between, we arrange driven rifle hunts and bird shoots, where single guns can join a group of up to 10 guns. If interested mail us and we will send you information about this.

We speak English, Spanish, German, Danish and Swedish.